The Project

As a group of artists, researchers and curators, we  are all in one way or another, involved with projects which incorporate the commissioning and siting of contemporary art in heritage spaces. Discussions soon led us identify shared  interests and questions relating to the challenges of assessing the role and impact of these projects. We established this working group to explore further the ways in which we might capture, measure and articulate the value of these intersections.

For the partner organisations involved, we hope that the project will facilitate future projects and partnership working; support artistic practice and audience engagement initiatives; bring key organisations, academics, and students together; and ultimately, inform policy making. Further, and important to the ethos of this project, through the public seminars and workshops we hope to broaden the reach of this research to include a wider circle of interested participants.

One of our longer term aims is to develop this pilot venture into a more substantial and sustainable project which will further our exploration of these questions.

One thought on “The Project

  1. I would love to attend the session tomorrow. I will not be able to get there until 4 if that is ok.

    Warm Regards

    Carol Sorhaindo

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